The data base to which you are contributing will be used to help us all as Canadians understand our values priorities and how those may be the same or different across generations, sexes, residential locations, ethnicities, religions, first languages, and education and income levels.  These results will be used by partners to the survey (Royal Roads University, Environics Research and the Canadian Values Alliance) to promote mutual understanding and respect for differences.  It will be a source of information about what individual Canadians value personally as well as what values we see reflected currently in Canada. The comparison of these can lead to helpful conversations about what needs to be improved in our country.  Importantly, the intention is also to amplify individual Canadians’ voices about priorities for Canada’s future, so that together we are more likely to create the future we want most.  Since public engagement in national and community values conversations is the point of the project, and since Canadians will be the participants, all possibilities to communicate the survey results will be explored—social media, national and local media, reports and presentations.

Ultimately, we want to make data from this project available to other organizations and researchers in an open access format so they will add to their attention to the development of our values.  In all uses of the data, the responses of individual participants, on both the survey and in the values cafés, will remain anonymous.  We are grateful to all participants who have contributed to this first round of what we hope will become a great Canadian habit of continuously co-creating our future nation, with intent and by design.