West Ottawa Values Cafe


June 1


07:30 pm - 09:30 pm

Event Category:

Values Cafe


West Ottawa Board of Trade


TCC Canada

Kanata BizLounge 555 Legget - Main Floor

Ottawa, Canada, ON K2K 2X3

How much do we differ in what we want for Canada across gender, generations, regions, ethnicities? In a rapidly shifting global context what values do we want to be reflected in the future of Canada? As Canadians, we pride ourselves on being ‚Äúunique.‚ÄĚ But what does that really mean?The Canadian Values Alliance, in partnership with

Royal Roads University and Environics, is leading a survey to understand the current environment when it comes to defining Canadian culture. We are also asking Canadians to describe the values they want to see Canada embrace going forward.
However, in order to truly understand what Canadian values look like in day-to-day practice we are arranging a number of café-conversation workshops across Canada.

These values cafés are sessions that will be hosted from Halifax to Vancouver. They are an interactive space for you and other community members to share thoughts and ideas about your values and the values that you want to see shaping the future of your community and your country.

Participants will have an opportunity to shared not only their top values, but also what the meaning of those values are in everyday life. For example, when participants indicate that caring for the elderly is important, what does this really look like?

These gatherings will be led by trained facilitators associated with the Canadian Values Alliance.  They will manage the process and ensure that views and values themes will be gathered and included in the national values story. Results will be shared in the coming months with our membership.

This is an incredible opportunity for Canadians leaders, community advocates and entrepreneurs in Ottawa to have their voices heard.

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